GNA-appointed LIA Steering Cmte meets in Tunis

Libya Business News reports on the first truly integrated and fully attended meeting of the LIA under the Interim Steering Committee, which was held on Sunday 25 September, in Tunis. Steering Committee President Dr Ali Hassan Mahmoud welcomed management from the LIA offices in Malta and Tripoli and the Board of Directors of the fund’s five subsidiaries, which are responsible for its investments in over 550 companies across the world.

Dr. Ali gave a statement in which he explained that the LIA was embedded within the new governance structures of Libya and would keep above the political fray in order to focus upon the protection and preservation, and where possible, growth of the fund’s assets.

Following the meeting, prior to an event which was attended by representatives from the embassies of the international community, Dr. Ali said that he wished to thank representatives from EU countries, the United States and banks and regulators from around the world for their continued support. Dr. Ali said he was “delighted” that the LIA was now unified with a common goal.

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